How to Embrace the Online Shopping Revolution

As part of the corporate training at my workplace, we were supposed to take a couple of webinars on the online shopping revolution that has taken the world in its grip. There were too many takers for this vague a topic but nevertheless I opted for this one because retail industry and the way it is changing thanks to the technology has always fascinated me and I was looking to learn a few technicalities to be able to adopt in the advertising wing of the upcoming project that I was hoping to be a team member of!

Having said so much, I think that the online revolution is something really!

The brick and mortar outlets that were snootily ignoring it or the ones that reluctantly joined in albeit in the end have lost out on big opportunities in the field. The people who started out with it have made it to the top already and they are looking out to conquer the field.

Let me give you a small example:

This is a personal story. When I was still in college, a friend of mine wanted to partner with me to start a web designing company. The online revolution was only beginning then and programming and coding was my forte in college. We started out with making websites for small but enthusiastic customers who wanted to explore how the internet could help them have further reach than what they were having.

Today, the same people are doing so well with extensive reach to a large audience and database that they have been able to build up only because they had the foresight to start the race early.

It is never too late!

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