Position Enhancers and Sex Swings – a Beginner’s Guide

Just a couple of years ago, sex swings were a taboo, believed to have been built by perverts to satisfy their dirty needs.


Nowadays, they are pretty common; most sex shops offer a number of sex swings, position enhancers, and naughty furniture; all of them created with the purpose of helping you and your partner reach awesome orgasms. Spice up your bedroom with a sex swing from https://cumswingwithme.com/


Are they worth it? Do you really need them? Will your ceiling fall down when you install a swing?


If these and other questions have been bugging you, keep reading.


Swinging from a Chandelier

Everybody has heard of sex during which you swing from a chandelier, but chances are that you don’t even have one. Even if you did, would you really want to swing from it and get it all dirty and sweaty? Let’s be honest; nobody swings from an actual chandelier.


However, you can replicate that amazing weightless feeling without a pricey decorative hanging light. Invest in a sex swing instead. Sex swings let you experiment with new positions and techniques. Moreover, the feeling of zero gravity sex will leave you speechless.


How Does a Sex Swing Work?

A solid metal frame holds a number of straps, supporting your feet, hands, and bottom. You should fix the metal frame into a secure ceiling beam; do that with an amazingly durable special screw.


Don’t worry about privacy. Most sex swings can be removed after use and folded discreetly.


Even though sex swings are expensive, they always receive great reviews from couples who try them. So, the price is justified; you get what you pay for. Just ask any couple who isn’t ashamed of talking about it.

If you don’t have a solid ceiling for a sex swing, there are alternatives. Bondage Over the Door Sex Swings are amazing and convenient at the same time. All you need is a sturdy household door; you will set it up in a matter of seconds.


No matter how steamy things get, you will have enough support to keep going. Besides being easy to set up, it is also easy to remove. Just fold it and store it under your bed or in your closet. Nobody will know about your kinky adventures.


Position Enhancers

If you aren’t into swings, but you would still like to try something sexy with your partner, consider a sex position enhancer. It is much smaller, but it also works its magic.


Position enhancers provide you with extra flexibility, deeper penetration, and a variety of new positions. They come in many sizes, prices, shapes, and colors. Pick one that looks the best to you and experience yet unknown pleasures.


Sex Furniture

Maybe you’ve heard of sex furniture, but you haven’t actually seen it. Basically, sex furniture allows you to experience sex outside of your bed. Some options include chairs, throws, cushions, sofas, bean bags, and even luxurious chaise lounges.


If you haven’t used sex furniture before, start with something easy, such as the Liberator Wedge; it will allow you to achieve positions that you never thought you could. Expect easier access to the clitoris, deeper penetration, easier orgasms, and a whole new range of motion.


Sex furniture doesn’t look naughty, so don’t worry about hiding it from your guests. Plus, it’s super easy to clean.…