Colour Match and Read the Small Print: A Complete Guide to Buying Makeup Online

People prefer online stores for buying beauty products because of the sheer variety they find and plenty of discounts. But there is one common issue that many complain about when they buy beauty products online and that is the color mismatch. This happens when you try something totally new, something for which you usually use a tester at a physical store, like foundation or lipsticks. What should you do in such cases? To begin with, understand your skin tone and the suitable shades of foundation, lipstick and every other makeup product. There are review sites like the one on this page

These sites give you detailed information about the different variants available in each product and the best variants for each type of skin and there might also be pictures of the swatches on the skin. Use this information to narrow down the closest variants that you feel might suit your skin.

  1. Ask for testers or samples

Most of the online beauty stores offer testers or samples either for free or for a very low price. These are useful to test the product before actually buying it.

  1. Buy a small pack at the beginning

Always purchase a small pack when you are buying the product for the first time, especially when you are not very sure about the color and finish.

  1. Look for information on the product website

The product website or the brand’s official page might give you a lot of tips about finding the right product for each skin type.

  1. Look for product advice

The shopping site might often give you recommendations if you input the skin tone and the expected finish. There are some websites that even allow you to find the suitable shade numbers or codes of different brands if you enter the details of the variant of any other brand that you have tried and tested.…