10 Brilliant Toys For Autistic Children To Play And Learn

Autism is not a disease one should fear. Children affected by autism are kids too and need toys and fun in their lives too. The toys market has come a long way in identifying the different needs of autistic children and stores like Doodlebuckets knows which toys are best for them. Here are 10 brilliant toys that can help them:

  1. Simple Words

Autism children have a delay in developing speech and vocabulary. Books and games that promote vocabulary and have simple words are a great way to teach them.

  1. Swing

Swings with securing belt and harness are safe and fun for kids who do not understand the danger of falling off and hurting themselves.

  1. Smart Tablet

These are like phones and tablets but are not connected online. They have buttons that light up and speak when pressed. This teaches them, words and sounds.

  1. Sound Blocks & Puzzles

When these blocks are put together correctly, they make sounds. This will teach the child which is right and which is wrong.

  1. Trampoline

Which child does not like to jump and bounce around? Many autistic children are not comfortable in crowds. This trampoline lets them play at their own pace.

  1. Digging Toys

Getting down on the ground and dirty is nothing to shun. Get them a beach set or a digging set to play in the sandpit with.

  1. Fidget Cube

Autistic kids get more stressed and anxious when their caretaker or parent is not around. These fidget cubes can help in keeping them calm.

  1. cHu-buDDy Pendants

some autistic kids have issues with speech and may chew on things to calm themselves. Give them these pendants that are safe and provide the required oral simulation.

  1. See & Spell

Every child needs to learn to spell. There are see and spell toys that have pictorial representation too, for the child to associate and spell without having to read.

  1. Foam Puzzle Blocks

These are made of foam and will not hurt the child if they throw it around in one of their mood swings. These will also teach them different shapes and textures.…