7 Things to ask yourself before buying anything fashion

Who doesn’t like shopping! But what if we tell you, you can make the most of your money while having a whole lot of fun?

Check out our style tips this season that will surely roll heads:

  1. Buy what you want, not what you need:

How many pairs of plain black pumps and collared plaid shirt do you need before you buy that peplum top you really want? Step out of your comfort zone and live a little.

  1. Create a look and shop for it:

Don’t just go out randomly. Do some serious shopping by creating a look for yourself in your mind first. It will be rewarding, we promise.

  1. Shop expressive, not expensive

You don’t need a bunch of branded products to get your ideal look. A well-made but ysl discount handbags will give your sundress a cool vibe. Without the crushing debt too!

  1. Dress for success

It’s truly said that you should ‘dress for the job you want’, not the one you have. Bring out the power suits and create your sharpest look. Your confidence will go to new heights.

  1. Try it before you buy it

A shift you absolutely love on the racks may not make you as happy when you put it on. Before making an impulse buy, first try it on and see you still love it.

  1. Accessorize

This is the most basic rule of shopping. No matter how expensive a dress you wear, it could all fall flat without the right sunglasses, watches and purse. Add in the understated jewelry and take your Chanel to the next level.

  1. Shop the classics

And last but not the least, keep a set of classic, well-fitting clothes in your closet for all occasions. A few pairs of comfortable and classy attires is better than a closetful of cheap ones.