The Best Wrench Sets to Buy in 2018

Be it for small repairs around the house or for quick fixes on a car a reliable wrench set is one of the most useful tools to own. If you thought that finding a perfect set of wrenches is easy, think again. The options are nearly endless and the size range is huge. So even in this simple yet versatile tool, there is plenty of variety that can sometimes get overwhelming. So for an average homeowner looking for the best wrench set to buy here are a few recommendations.

  • Husky 28 piece SAE and metric wrench set
  • Stanley 85-783 20 piece set
  • Crescent CCWS2 SAE combination

Though there are plenty more sets to explore the above 3 are our favorites as they are the most dependable sets for the beginners and pros alike. Online e-commerce websites are great to find such tools. You can find the variety as well as the exact configuration from the brand you choose. For example, check this ratchet wrench set on Amazon. This is pretty hard to come by. The fact that you can find such unique pieces on e-commerce websites makes these sites the best place to shop for all your tools. When you are hunting for a wrench set here are a few things to consider –

  1. A number of wrench sizes available in the set differ. Pick one that contains the sizes that you would need around the house or for your car. If you are buying one for a mechanic shop or for a service showroom, you might need a larger set.
  2. Combination of SAE and metric sets is a good option
  3. Consider the storage option. When the wrenches are packed in a neat box then the organization gets simpler and you would not lose the wrenches that easily.