May 8, 2010

Last Thought For A While

Why don’t the Pirates move LaRoche to 2nd now?  Akimura was a 3rd baseman, for the better part of his career.  If LaRoche’s ultimate goal is landing at 2nd, why not just start now while Akimura is still in the fold rather than waiting for Pedro Alvarez to be called up.  I think it would be easier to displace what looks to be a 1 year player in Akimura than it would be to mess with LaRoche’s head more.

I understand Andy is playing well, “why mess with that?” would be a common question.  If the idea is to build for the future, let LaRoche takes his bumps now in preparation for the future.


AS For The Last Thought":

I haven’t been able to maintain the site the way I would like to.  There is a lot going on in life right now outside of BTW.  Think of this as me closing the doors on BTW, but they are not locked.  Don’t take this as the end.  Someday I may get back to regular posting, but right now I will only say it will be sporadic posts at best.

In the meantime please enjoy the other fine Pirates blogs I have listed to the right and visit the Pirates Tavern, the banner is in the top right of the page as well as the forum link at the top menu bar.  Look for dharr18 in the Tavern, that will be me.  I will likely be spending more time there than I have been recently.

Raise the Jolly Roger will continue to host the live game threads, so I send you his way since he maintains the mailing list.  I will likely be in the game chats regularly.

Also, follow BTW on twitter at  I will frequently post there and pass on any info I may hear.

It has been a fun 3+ year run.  Hopefully it will continue and start strong again in the future.

For now, fair well and Go Bucs!

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