February 19, 2010

Walker, Hanrahan, ‘n ‘at

The big news of the day was the injured elbow of Joel Hanrahan.  Hanrahan had been tabbed to be a late inning option for the Pirates going into 2010.  The injury, as described by the Post-Gazette, is a flexor pronator strain in the elbow, also known as golfers or throwers elbow.
According to Sports Injury Clinic:
Golfer elbow is a similar injury to tennis elbow only it affects the inside of the elbow instead. Golfer elbow is more common in throwers and golfers hence the 'nicknames'. Also known as flexor / pronator tendinopathy this elbow pain is seen in tennis players who use a lot of top spin on their forehand shots.

Treatment is not described as much more than ice and rest followed by rehab.  The symptoms usually last a few weeks, in more severe cases and untreated cases it can last much longer.

Generally rehab and anti-inflammatory medicine is used with massage.  In some cases steroids may be used in treatment.

BTW Take:
This doesn’t look to be a season ending injury, nor does it require surgery.  Likely Hanrahan will be sidelined for a few weeks depending on the findings of Dr. Andrews.  Any time his name is brought into an injury discussion surgery is feared.  More will be known as to the extend or actual injury late next week.

For now, I am not worrying that a big portion of the bullpen will be lost.  Hopefully Joel will use his Dreamie to keep his elbow warm during treatment.

Neil Walker was identified as catching for Zach Duke on the first day of workouts prompting many to wonder if he was returning to catching.  This was quickly silenced.

BTW Take:
Walker is making himself more versatile, exactly what I think the Pirates will do with him this season.  Look for the Pirates to play him in as many different positions as possible in Spring Training as well as in AAA after the season starts.  He is athletic enough that he could play any of the positions on the diamond.  The key for Walker is IF his bat can prove ready to dominate at AAA and translate into the Majors.

The problem here, he really has not dominated at the higher levels of the minors at all.  The last dominant period he had was with Lynchburg.

I expect to see him spend some time at both SS and 2B during Spring Training to see how well he would fit into a super utility role.  If he can handle the middle infield, the Pirates may actually have a little depth in the system closer than 2 years away.  Walkers future looks to be on the bench or as a minor league free agent.

Another Break
Saturday is my Federal League draft, unbelievable I own the team from the wrong side of Pa.  Yes, I own the Phillies franchise.  This is my second year in the league, and the first draft I have been able to prepare for.  Last year I joined the league about two weeks before the draft,  I also inherited a 111 loss team.  Somehow I built the team through a ton of trades and the draft to the point they won 79 games.  If only the Pirates can make such a huge turnaround.

Anyhow, since the draft is Saturday, I will not be posting as I finalize my draft board Friday night and drafting Saturday.  Look for my next post sometime on Sunday as I continue with the 40 man series of posts.

Once again, for the 4th year,  I am walking in the MDA Stride and Ride event scheduled for February 27th.   I am looking for sponsors.  If you can find it in you heart to donate a little, it does not have to be much as every dollar helps, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please sponsor me in this worthwhile cause.

You can donate online at my MDA page that can be found here:

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