February 12, 2010

Tee Ball and Rookie Ball…

Tomorrow, actually in just a few hours, my youngest boys turn 5.  Their names are Alex and Nick.  No, they were not named after the twins in Full House.  I didn’t know that was their names until well after the boys were born.  This morning we (Me, Momma, Nick and Alex) discussed whether they wanted to play tee ball this year like their older brother (7) T.J. did last year.  A resounding yes was heard from both.

Before I go any further and bring this into a Pirates post, I need to say one thing:
Happy Birthday Nicky and Alex.

T.J. is getting ready to start rookie ball this year.  This will be his first chance to learn the one thing that baseball is.  It is all about learning to cope with failure.  We Pirates fans understand that better than most.

If you think about it, where in life do you get a passing grade for 30% success or reaching 50% success.  I guess the only places you can really have scores like that and be successful is meteorology and baseball.

We Pirates fans have been clambering for a .500 season for the last 17 years.  Pirates fans know how to cope with failure.  The thing about failure is success is so much sweeter when it finally happens.

After 17 losing seasons, it should be safe to say the Pirates have the most loyal fans in pro sports history.  Some may think we are stupid for following a team that is the joke of the league, I prefer the term loyalty.  Most other cities would simply abandon the team or just not show up.  Pittsburgh is a great baseball town, we just need a chance to show it.

Will 2010 be the year to end the worst losing streak in professional sports history?  It is doubtful, but stranger things have happened.

Starting tomorrow, I will begin looking at the 40 man roster, yes I have said that before, and narrow it down to what I expect the opening day roster to look like.  Followed by what I expect as a semi-regular lineup for the year as well as the rotation.

Think of this as a pre-preseason preview.

Takahashi Signs
Takahashi signed with the Mets.  Rumors had been circulating the Pirates were interested.  Rumors also circulated Takahashi wanted to sign with a team on the west coast.  I just hope he has good health insurance being a part of the Mets.
2nd Annual Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament
Sean's Ramblings is running the annual Pittsburgh Sports Blogger Tournament.  Please vote BTW, as well as the other Pirates blogs.  Once again I am a low seed, fell down to a 8 seed after being a 7 last year.  Once again, I am going against one of the top blogs in the area, Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies.  Last year I was demolished by The Confluence in the opening round.  This year, with your help, PSAMP is getting their moneys worth.

Why oh why couldn’t I land an easy opponent like Smizik, I could get all the Anti-Bob votes and see the second round.

I need all the help I can get.  Vote here, and vote BTW.

Show the Burgh small market blogs can win....lol

Walking Again
Once again I am walking in the MDA Stride and Ride event.  I am looking for sponsors.  If you can find it in you heart to donate a little, it does not have to be much every dollar helps, please sponsor me in this worthwhile cause.

You can donate online at my MDA page that can be found here:

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support.
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