February 15, 2010

2nd Annual Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament – Sweet 16

Sean, from Sean’s Ramblings,  has just put up the Sweet 16 polls.  BTW is matched against Raise The Jolly Roger in the “Battle of the Skulls” in the Ironhead division.  I wish Brian the best of luck, hopefully he will come up just short as BTW’s Cinderella runs continues.  Either way, a Pirates blog will make the Elite 8.

Please vote BTW, but also vote for the other Pirates blogs. 



Once again, for the 4th year,  I am walking in the MDA Stride and Ride event and  I am looking for sponsors.  If you can find it in you heart to donate a little, it does not have to be much as every dollar helps, it would be greatly appreciated.  Please sponsor me in this worthwhile cause.

You can donate online at my MDA page that can be found here:


Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support.

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