January 17, 2010

Random Madness

For those who read this blog regularly, when I post, you know about Random Madness.  For those who just stumbled on the blog, this is where I just randomly comment on an assortment of topics that just don’t fit under one post.

Last Thought On McGwire

He only took steroids for heath?  They didn’t help him set homerun records nor hit homeruns?

Ok, that is one of the most ridiculous statements ever made.  Even if he didn’t gain any power from the steroids, which is bull to begin with, and it only kept him on the field, that cements the fact he isn’t a Hall Of Famer.

Think about it.  If he was hitting a homerun every 15 at bats or so and the roids got him in another 21 games a season.  That works out to roughly 7 homeruns a season over an 11 year span.  In other words, he owes at least 77 homeruns to steroids just based on “health” reasons. 

All the sudden he barely hits 500 homeruns, one of the key marks to make to have a prayer of making an induction speech.  Add in less than a dozen that can be attributed to extra strength, barely 1 a season over the span, and he never reaches 500 for his career.

Considering he wasn’t great with the glove and only average with the bat.  He would have only been a good power hitter and not even considered a Hall candidate.  If anyone who used deserves not to get in to the Hall, McGwire is the poster boy.


New York Bay

Talk about a career killing contract.  The deal Jason Bay signed with the Mets will be the downfall of his career.  While Bay is a good player, especially in the right ballpark, he will flounder with the homerun numbers in spacious Citi Field.  If that park can suck the power out of David Wright, how badly will it drain Jason Bay?


Pirates Pen

Finally Pirates related…

I have to say, I like the way the bullpen is working out, especially if/when Dotel is signed.  The additions of Bass, Donnelly and Carrasco to Hanrahan and Meek round out a bullpen that will be much improved over last season.  With the loser of the 5th spot in the rotation likely headed to the pen, we finally have an idea what this team will look like coming out of Bradenton.

I know Carrasco and Bass are not on the 40 man roster yet, but they should be when the season starts.  Needless to say, there will be some major changes to the 40 man roster between now and opening day.

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