January 22, 2010

Dotel And Other News


The Pirates and Octavio Dotel made it official by signing a 1 year contract with an option year.  Total guaranteed money is $3.5 M plus performance bonuses.  The option year is worth $4.5M.  Neal Huntington has been quoted as calling him the closer.

BTW Take:

The bullpen makeover is now complete.  Matt Bandi at Pittsburgh Lumber Co.  puts some numbers to the reconstruction.  According to his numbers, the Pirates pen looks to be middle of the league.  Still, that is an nice improvement over what the bullpen did last season.



To make room for Dotel, the Pirates DFA’ed Anthony Claggett.

BTW Take:

Claggett was on the fence with each move the Pirates made this offseason, he finally fell over the fence.


Freddy Sanchez

A source tells me Freddy had shoulder surgery and may miss the beginning of the season for the Giants.

BTW Take:

The Sanchez trade last season is looking more and more like a shrewd deal.  If Freddy can stay healthy, he will be a nice asset for the Giants, unfortunately health has been a problem since the trade.  Good luck to Freddy in his recovery.


Minor Deal

I have been contacted multiple times today that the Pirates are in the process of a minor trade.  For those expecting Brandon Jones to be moved, the only common thread in the rumors was Jones was not part of the deal.

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