September 4, 2009

Another Trade?

I just received word the Pittsburgh Pirates have been contacted by the Texas Rangers about the availability of a third baseman.  The name given to me was none other than Andy LaRoche.  With the injury to Michael Young for the Rangers and the recent addition of Neil Walker to the the team, this seems like a good possibility.  With the depth the Pirates have at 3B in the system at this time, remembering Pedro Alvarez is close, it will be interesting if anything develops from this inquiry.

BTW Take:

This would not be a surprising move considering the offense that Texas carries.  A lighter hitting 3B with a good to great glove would fill their needs until Young is healthy, estimated to be in two to three weeks.  LaRoche would not be eligible for the post season so he would seem to be a good inexpensive fit for a team rumored to have financial concerns.  Other names thrown around in Internet rumors include Garrett Atkins, Melvin Mora, Troy Glaus and Jamey Carroll.  LaRoche would be by far the least expensive player of the list I have seen.

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