June 5, 2009

New Lineup


I said that shortly after Andrew McCutchen got his first MLB hit in his first at bat.  When McCutchen turned on the afterburners rounding second after Nyjer Morgan’s single in the first.

All I could say was “Wow!”

With the combination of McCutchen and Morgan at the top of the lineup, that kind of speed is hard to defense.


Speed kills.  Speed creates runs.  With the speed the Pirates now field, and Freddy hitting like Freddy in the 3 hole.  There could be a ton of created runs through the rest of this season and beyond.

You can’t teach speed.  Other teams can only hope to contain it.

I have seen McCutchen in a few games.  I have never noticed, until today, how fast he actually is.


It is entirely possible the Pirates may end up in a better place without McLouth.  Sanchez is a Tony Gwynn like 3 hole hitter.  He just hits.  The Pirates had an issue before today.  They had two number 3 hitters.  Freddy batting second was wasting some of his talent.

Now they have two leadoff guys.  This could be fun to watch.  Especially after Doumit returns.


It is only one game.  But…


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