May 8, 2009

Well. It is a deep subject.








Those are batting averages.


These are the players:









Jack Wilson can not get back soon enough at short.  His .255 batting average dwarfs those of Bixler and Vazquez.  Vazquez has the redeeming value of walking 12 times to double his batting average to have a respectable on base percentage.  Only problem with walks, they rarely drive in runs.


What to do in right is another question.  Could we see McCutchen called up to play right?  If Andrew is called up, does McLouth move to right?  Will McCutchen be called up soon?

Don't expect that call up too soon.  McCutchen is batting a pedestrian .255 in Indianapolis.  While a top of the lineup of McCutchen, Nyjer Morgan could create some early runs with speed alone, McCutchen is not looking like he is ready just yet.

The way Morgan can bunt or line one past a drawn in 3B when they are cheating in for the bunt, the Pirates could have a run on the board before the ball left the infield.  Not that many balls the Pirates have hit recently have cleared the infield.


Don't look now, Andy has a better average than Adam.  Andy is hitting .250 compared to Adam's .240.  Maybe it was too soon to claim Adam has shaken the early season slow start.


Don't blame the recent 1-9 run on Doumit's injury.  Injuries have played a huge role in the slump with Wilson and McLouth missing considerable time.  Even Capps has not been right.


The pitching is coming back to earth as well.


I asked a few weeks back about which came first, a long winning streak or the long losing spell...guess that was answered.  Now let's see what happens as they get healthy, and no doubt make some sort of call up.

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