April 21, 2009

Plenty Of Reasons

There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic this season:

The Pirates starting pitchers are pitching well, pitching inside and going deep enough in the game to bypass a potentially weak middle of the bullpen.

The offense is showing they can score runs.

The defense has been solid and spectacular at times.

LaRoche’s can hit in April.  Adam is hitting .314 and Andy is hitting .250 after a very slow start.

The pitching staff has 4 shutouts.

Nyger Morgan has been phenomenal to date.



Now it is time to come back to reality…

Karstens pitches today.

Brandon Moss still has no RBI on his stat sheet.

Doumit’s MRI was inconclusive.  A CT scan is scheduled for Tuesday.


But for now, let’s enjoy a good start to the season and see what comes first.  A winning streak or a losing streak.

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