April 29, 2009

Look Of Defeat

After Freddy Sanchez missed a ground ball in the 6th, the Pirates players had the look of a defeated team, even before the Brewers took  the lead.  Anyone who says a streak has no impact on a team needs only to watch that one play to change their minds.

Enduring 16 straight losses at Milwaukee has this team in a tizzy.

Just imagine what a 16 year streak feels like for the team.


BTW News:

BTW is once again posting.  I now have a new netbook that should allow me to get back to regular posting once again.  Sorry for the MIA, but BTW is back.  I just finished installing the blogging client I use and finished setting up the machine.  I have plenty of thoughts to share, so expect many posts in the next few days and the return of Game Day Threads.

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