March 31, 2009

Sign The Sheff?

The Detroit Tigers just released Gary Sheffield.

My question is, should the Pirates pursue him?

Look at it this way then tell me your thoughts:

Morgan has less than inspired this spring.

Moss could move over to left field.

With the small right field at PNC Park, Sheffield could play there. He definitely still has the arm for right.

Add Sheffield in the middle of the order, and suddenly the Pirates have and actual threat in the lineup that should make everyone around him look better.

Since Sheffield was under contract with the Tigers, the Pirates would only have to pick up league minimum, if I understand the rule correctly.

What would be in it for Sheffield?  He comes to a team with a need and walks into a starting spot.  A one year deal would allow him to prove he is healthy and can still play. 

This late in spring, there are not may open spots in the outfield and Sheffield hates the idea of being a full time DH.

Another key piece for both parties.  If the Pirates were to sign him, they would have excellent trade bait at the deadline if they are out of contention. Sheffield would have the opportunity to play for a team on a playoff run one more time in his career.

Oh, and Sheff is one home run away from 500.

This sounds like a win-win situation for both parties.

Neal get on the phone.

Or should he?

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