March 10, 2009

Maybe It Is Just Me

Dejan ran a nice article Saturday, "Spring training: Tabata has Pirates close to heart", where he reveals Jose Tabata has a tattoo of Roberto Clemente on his chest in honor of his father.  If you haven't read the article, check it out.

Anyhow, maybe it is a late night post.  Maybe it is my continuing doubts that Dave Littlefield ever drafted a player that will help the Pirates.  Maybe it is the lack of sleep recently, but I ask, "Might Jose Tabata actually be the best prospect in the Pirates farm system?"

I have a feeling Tabata will see Pittsburgh before the end of the season.  He is already on the 40 man roster, no roster moves are required. 

It seems, with his tattoo, he was destined to play for the Pirates.  Tell me, being able to play on the team that Roberto played for, playing in front of Clemente wall, playing for the Pirates isn't a dream come true for him.

Wasn't the simple change of scenery from the Evil Empire to the Pirates the best thing that ever happened to this guy.  Not only is he playing for a team, he is playing for his father.  What better scenario than that to turn his career in the right direction?  Might his father be the reason his season turned a 180 after being traded to the Pirates.

Add to the equation he has as much talent, or more, than any player to play in a Pirates uniform in recent history.  We may be looking at the birth of the next great Pirates player.  He has a chance to go down in history being mentioned with the Great Roberto.

Wouldn't his father be proud?

Now it is Jose's job to live up to, and possibly exceed, all expectations.  It soon will be time to make his father proud.

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