March 4, 2009


Ah, it truly is baseball season, almost.  After reading Dejan Kovacevic's piece on Steve Pearce in the Post-Gazette today, I casually started looking at spring stats for our 6-1 Pittsburgh Pirates.

I damn near choked at this stat line.

Avg - .167, OBP - .167, SLG - .167, Ab -12, SO -8, R- 0, RBI -0

Yes, it looks like Adam LaRoche is in Mid-May form.  Really, that is correct, EIGHT strike outs in 12 at bats.  He has two, count them, two hits.  Both were singles.  He has not drawn a base on balls.  The only time he has touched the plate is during his walk back to the dugout after striking out.  The bright spot, of the four balls he has put in play, fifty percent have been for base hits.

Now, rounding back to the Pearce article, HOW can the Pirates not find playing time for Pearce in Pittsburgh?  Especially early in the season during LaRoche's down time.

With so many unknown quantities coming into the year such as Morgan, Moss, Andy LaRoche, Ohlendorf, Karstens and half the bullpen.  In addition, at some point in the season we will likely see McCutchen and Tabata.  What would it hurt to add one more unknown to the list in Pearce?

If the Pirates can find a taker, and get anything of value in return, trading LaRoche early in the season or during spring may be the best move they could make.  This is a year of discovery for so many players.  Why not take the chance and see if Pearce is also ready for his shot?  


Five Questions:

In case you missed the Five Questions installment yesterday, I recommend you take the time to read it.  It is a very good read and well worth the time.  I must say, it is easier to ask questions and have someone else write the post for you.  Thanks Jen, that was a great series of answers. 

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