March 3, 2009

BTW Hallucinations

The funny thing about running a 100+ degree temperature for 5 or 6 days.  You start hallucinating.  Would you believe, I actually thought the Pirates are 5-1 in spring training games.  That should tell you how ill I was.


That is there record? 

Maybe I need to get some more sleep?  Obviously this thing has not cleared out yet.

It is nice that the Pirates have started off Grape Fruit games 5-1, but I personally hold little stock in the early spring games.  Right now, this just shows the Pirates have 50 better players they can rotate in than the teams they have played so far.  If anything, it may show the Pirates depth in the system has improved.

Games really start showing something after cuts happen later in camp.  When hitters have their timing back.  When pitchers are no longer working on smoothing out mechanics, but pitching as they would in real situations.  If the Pirates play as well as they are now towards the end of March, then I will get a nice tingly feeling that this could be the year to break the streak.

Until the first 10 game losing streak brings me crashing back to Earth.


BTW News:

The next edition of BTW’s Five Questions Series will be up tonight at midnight.  This is a very interesting read, with some added information that stems from one of the questions.  If you have a daughter or female friend who loves to write or loves sports, you may want to have her read this as well.  That is called a teaser…

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