February 1, 2009

Why Pittsburgh Fans Don't Empathize With Yankees Fans

First, let us set the record straight.

For all those fools who wonder what was "in" the football when Santonio shook it in his hand. No, it wasn't ketchup nor hot sauce. That was LeBron's powder shake, Pittsburgh style.

Now, on to the point of this post.

Pittsburgh Fans, specifically Steeler Fans, don't empathize with Yankee fans. Steeler fans are not happy unless a Super Bowl Trophy is the prize. Much like Yankee fan expects World Series wins. Both fan bases expect championships and to a degree feel it is their teams right to win them.

The difference is in how the teams do it.

The Steelers win championships in a sport where the playing field is leveled by a salary cap. They build it through hard work and dedication to a goal.

The Yankees on the other hand try to buy championships. They go after the best talent and don't blink at the big payouts. They more than triple the average teams payroll.

The Yankees are the most polarizing team in professional sport. Not because they have all the talent, but because they feel it is their right to win and their right to buy the best talent.

The problem with the Yankees. They have all the talent, but they do not have a team. Just a group of individuals. At least Boston develops talent from within and go to free agency to fill gaps unlike the Yankees damning building internally and just buying the pieces to fill their needs.

Cashman is not a great GM, he just signs the best talent on the open market.

Torre was an average manager before he got to the Yankees. He is not a great manager. He did great with the Dodgers last year after they landed Manny. He doesn't make a team better, he simply handles egos well.

The Pirates are going the right way, trying to build a character franchise and build from within. It will take time, but they will get there...someday.

Congratulations to the Rooney's, Mike Tomlin and the World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers!


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