February 10, 2009

Pirates Set Sites On Abreu, Links

Pirates Set Sites On Abreu, Kinda:

According to Jon Heyman, the Pittsburgh Pirates are one of five teams interested in Bobby Abreu.


MLB Trade Rumors has a series of links pointing to the Angels being close to signing Abreu.  They have opened up a spot on their 40-man roster and it is believed to be for Abreu or Adam Dunn.

Abreu is still looking for a multi-year deal, but the Angels are believed to be offering a one-year contract.

BTW Take:

Abreu is the type of signing that could help the Pirates immensely going forward.  He would be a name player to inspire fans and send the message the team is playing to win in 2009.  (It was hard to type that without some sarcasm seeping through.) He would also fill a pretty decent void on the team, a true number 3 hitter.  Abreu would also be a good fit in right field.

The Pirates would need to offer more cash and a multi-year deal to land him.

A word of advice:  Don’t hold your breath.



A former Pirates name has finally popped into the steroid conversation in relation to the 2003 drug test that has come back to haunt A-Rod and soon 103 other MLB players.

Cory is less than impressed with MLB Front Office Manager.



What MLB player would you love to see named as popping the 2003 steroid test?

For my answer and to make your own call, visit The Buccos Forum and let your voice be heard.



Sorry for no post yesterday, one of my 3 year old sons has to get some very painful shots and was not a happy camper.  Dad role still rules over BTW role.



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