February 13, 2009

Notes From Bloggers In Bradenton

Jennifer Langosch from By Gosh, It’s Langosch and Pirates.com has some updates from reporting day on her blog.  Of note:

15 position players have already arrived.  She has exceptions listed if interested.

No word yet on visa problems.

Dumatrait threw three sessions of 25 throws from 150 feet.

Moss took some BP and said he was cleared to do everything he usually would do this time of year.  He will wear a knee brace during practice but not games.

She will have some updates over the weekend on both injuries.

BTW Take:

It is good to see so many position players already in camp.  Even better is the news on Moss, if he is already cleared to perform normal baseball duties, barring a setback, he will be ready for opening day.

Another bright spot is Dumatrait and his throwing session.  Apparently the recommended time off after his visit to Dr. Andrews has paid off well.


Chuck Finder from the Post-Gazette has a similar report, but also has some info on Pedro Alvarez being not in "shape shape, but baseball shape".

BTW Take:

Apparently baseball shape is round like a baseball.  Pedro needs to spend some of his unearned cash on some Nutri-System.  Maybe Mike Golic can get his a good deal or an endorsement deal.  Lord knows Pedro may have a problem coming up with enough cash to pay for the system.



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BTW Break:

I may not have a post up tomorrow, we will be celebrating Nicky and Alex’s birthday.  If I do post, it will be a late night special, after the sugar ebb has worn off on the boys and they pass out.  Oh, it might be nice to spend some “quality” time with my wife on the Hallmark Holiday of Valentines Day.  I can’t wait for March 14th, that is a holiday I can get behind.  (Link not safe for kids)

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