February 26, 2009

Game 1, On The DL, Pat Needs Help

Game 1:

It was good to hear baseball again.  The Pirates Bullpen had a really nice day.  I think the most interesting decisions this spring will revolve around the pen.  A majority of the pitchers penciled in are out of options, so who gets DFAed will be intriguing.  Luckily, so many players get DFAed late in the spring, quite a few can make it through the process.

The other interesting question that may have been brought to light yesterday.  Will Shelby Ford surpass Bonds HR record?  Or will he pop a pee test first?  (Sarcasm alert)

On The DL:

Sorry for the lack of posts, wife has been sick with the flu and recovering from foot surgery.  One of the twins had the flu.  And now, my turn. 

Pat Needs Help:

Fellow Pirates blog WHYGAVS is in the elite eight of the Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tourney.  Go give a brother a hand, vote for WHYGAVS.  He has fallen behind Behind the Steel Curtain.

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