February 17, 2009

Bobble Head Battle

I was sitting here in the recovery room, waiting for my wife to come out of surgery, watching ESPN and voting for Romulo.  ESPN ran their screwy Mt. Rushmore of Sports idea.  Then it hit me, and I forsook Romulo.

The Pirates should drop the Bobble head idea and go for a Mt. Washington, or Mt. Washingtonmore(?), of Pittsburgh.  At least Pittsburgh broadcasters.  The Pirates should honor the most valued voices in the city’s sports teams histories.

They should do a Mt. Washmore (?) with the heads of Lanny Frattare, Bob “The Gunner” Prince, Mike Lange and the unforgettable Myron Cope.  Drop the fan vote bobble head and do a thank you to the voices of Pittsburgh.

Yes, I voted Lanny.  It would be a nice tribute to him after his retirement as announce after the 2008 season.  Honor the man by giving him a BIG head.  After all, he has suffered through the pain of this team for as long as any of us, and he never missed games.  At least we could turn the game off when they frustrated the hell out of us.

Sorry Romulo.  Sorry Honus.  I have to back Lanny.



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P.S.  The surgery went well, I just spoke with the surgeon. 

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