January 4, 2009

Salary Cap And More.

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Nady Out:

The Yankees are shopping Xavier Nady.  The Yankees have targeted two pitcher, Bronson Arroyo and Aaron Harang.  The Reds however are hesitant to trade either for a player set to be a free agent after 2009.

BTW Take:

The Pirates looked for prospects for Nady, and got a slew of mid-tier prospects and Jose Tabata.  The Yankees are looking for established starting pitching in return.  Don't look for the Pirates to be in the discussion, unless Duke can land Nady or Nady is released from pinstripes.  It is kind of funny how the economics of baseball works.  The Yankees buy, buy, buy while other teams try to build from within.  The only need the Yankees have for a farm system is so they have players to trade that do not make $20M a season.

It is hard for me not to expect MLB to confront the union in 2011 for a salary cap.




Salary Cap:

In the PG's Hot Stove Report Dejan states what seems the obvious.  The Pirates are in favor of a salary cap.  Coonelly is quoted in the article.

BTW Take:

See, told ya so...


Losing Chic?:

Squawking Baseball has a nice piece up entitled "Has Losing Become Chic?"

BTW Take:

Interestingly enough, the Pirates are a key portion of the article, as well as the Devil Rays.  They make a good point of having to be bad to be good in smaller markets.  I don't necessarily agree.  After 16 seasons of losing the Pirates should already have started a decade of dominance rather than another rebuilding project.


The Buccos Forum:

We have a few good discussion topics started at The Buccos Forum

First is a discussion on what Pirate players could be sleepers.  My three players I see as being potential break through players are Walker, Bixler and Salazar.  Drop in and give your opinions.

The second topic is on who the odd man out will be between Moss and Morgan.  There is a poll involved in the discussion, so make sure you vote and defend your decision.  I wish there was a choice for both being the odd man out, but my selection is Morgan.  The only reason I can see him getting a significant amount of playing time would be to showcase him in an eventual trade.  Hopefully he can hit enough to outshine his poor angles he takes on defense.  His speed is enticing, until he runs and slides past the bag.  Also, I see the Pirates making a major play at Baldelli with McCutchen getting an early season call up.  Likely that sends Moss to the bench and Morgan back to Indianapolis. 

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