January 13, 2009

Pirates That Win, Chris Peters

Pirates That Win

Tony Bender of  The Dickinson Press takes a backhanded slap at the Pirates.  His article called “Paying ransom encourages piracy” talks about Somali pirates and their attacks.  The following quote can be found in the article:

Pirate attacks are up by more than 100 from the previous years. It seems the pirates are winning everywhere except Pittsburgh.

BTW Take:

How embarrassing are these comments for a once proud franchise.  This is worse than being called hapless.  Comments like these take all the haps they may have earned, by Dejans count, over the last season.



Chris Peters

Congratulations to former Pirates pitcher Chris Peters, he was named pitching coach for the Point Park University baseball team.

BTW Take:

This is along the lines of a where are they now.  Peters pitched parts of 5 seasons for the Pirates from 1996 to 2000.  We have a tendency to follow what former Pirates do and how they make good after they leave the team.  Here is just one more name to follow.

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