January 24, 2009

The Pirates Need To Be Creative

Last night I was listening to MLB Radio on XM 175.  I don't remember which host was on air, but he felt MLB needed to do a better job of marketing their players.  The Pirates should focus on a marketing campaign outside the local area.  Try something that would bring attention to the Pirates, but could also attract free agents wanting to have the opportunity to make some cash outside of baseball.

The idea I have come up with is nothing ground breaking, but something that might attract even the non-fan of baseball.  The Pirates could capitalize on creating a player with national exposure.  Create a superstar.  Let's talk Reality TV. 

ESPN has done a series on the Cryboys Cowboys during their training camp.  There have been camp reality series around the Browns Ravens as well.

The NFL has been able to create nationally identifiable faces from players who hide behind a facemask.

My question, why not the Pirates?  They don't hide their faces behind a mask, outside of Doumit.

The Pirates could identify one player, maybe McCutchen or Alvarez, who they build this reality show around.  Create a stir about one player. Create a superstar.  Let the cameras follow these guys around the minors in their attempt to make it to MLB.  The cameras follow them inside and outside the stadium.  Give the general public an idea of what it is like to be a ballplayer.

Another option.  Let America choose the star-in-waiting to follow.  Let the cameras inside the major league team.  A weekly show where they enter the front office, the managers office and the players area.  Follow people inside and outside the stadium.  Weekly, there is a vote by the fans on who they want to follow the next week.

How better to have a superstar on the Pirates than to create one themselves?  Even an average to subpar player could become that face everyone associates with baseball.  Nyger Morgan could be the next Great American Hero.  Tell me a team wouldn't overpay for a perceived superstar?

Following the team concept and creating a superstar, the Pirates would make free agents rethink a move to Pittsburgh from a career ending ordeal to a stepping stone to stardom.

If the Pirates miraculously turn into the next Rays, Rockies or Cardinal team that makes it to a World Series, when it is least expected, ratings would go through the roof for the Pirates and baseball in general.

It is time to get creative.  Adding sleeves to a uniform doesn't break any barriers or make the world take notice.  Giving people a look inside the world of a professional athlete could make the world take notice.

It worked in India, and the Pirates signed those pitchers.  Why not try making the team a weekly headline?

Call the show "Dugout TV".

If Hollywood doesn't like the idea, take it to the Internet.  Host it at MLB.com, Pirates.com, Bucstradewinds.net, YouTube or wherever people will watch the show.



I will be finishing up the free agent series tomorrow. 



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