January 20, 2009

The Pirates Avoid Arbitration With Four Of Six

The Pittsburgh Pirates have avoided salary arbitration by coming to terms with Adam LaRoche ($7.05M), Zach Duke ($2.2M), John Grabow ($2.3M) and Tyler Yates ($1.3M).

The two remaining arbitration eligible players are Nate McLouth and Paul Maholm.  McLouth and Maholm are each asking for $3.8M, while the Pirates submitted $2.75M for McLouth and $2.65M for Maholm. 

BTW Take:

To celebrate his contract signing, Adam LaRoche should purchase Super Bowl tickets for all Pirates bloggers.  If he does have a slow April, I am sure we would all cut him some slack this year.  When you read this Adam, just email me for my mailing address.

The million plus difference in the two remaining cases almost assures the Pirates will be heading to at least one hearing, possibly two. 


Slide Note:

Due to a heavy workload, I will not be posting the next part of the Free Agent series for a couple days. 


Got A Ticket?:

Anyone who has a spare ticket to the Super Bowl, look no further.  Just email me and I will gladly accept such donations.  :)

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