January 17, 2009

Perrotto Syndicated

John Perrotto, 21 year Beaver County Times Pirates beat writer, has joined piratereport.com.

According to The Salem News:

Beginning Jan. 18 he will provide coverage of day-to-day news of one of baseball's most storied franchises. His work will be distributed to and published by a network of regional newspapers in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio with more than 290,000 paid circulation.


Perrotto will provide in-depth coverage of the Pirates and their farm system. He will write home game coverage, player profiles, transaction information, features and breaking news concerning the Pirates. He will be on the scene throughout spring training and will cover the opening series in St. Louis against the Cardinals.

The Salem News will be one of the sites that will carry Perrotto's blog.


BTW Take:

Congratulations John.  I hope you continue to read BTW around trade deadline day for your next big scoop.  Sorry for the assumption on this, but when my network logs show someone at Beaver County Times visits my site 5 minutes before you break the Bay-Ramirez deal, I am forced to assume.

Since I am digging up the past, I am also burying the past.  Wether he actually got his initial info from BTW or not, it doesn't matter.  He has been doing the beat reporter thing for many years and deserves recognition.  I think I was more hurt by the lack of even a comment or a thank you for beating the big boys to the punch when every major outlet was looking at Tampa as Bays destination.

Next time, I just hope anyone who breaks a story due to my sources, they at least send an email acknowledging our input.

I expect John to do a great job, as he always has.  Congratulations.

By the way, Piratereport.com is unavailable at this time.  The site seems to be down.

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