January 7, 2009

More On Baldelli

C. Trent at The LOTD interviewed Reds GM Walt Jocketty.  One of the topics was Rocco Baldelli.

Of interest to Pirates fans hoping for a Baldelli signing, the Reds are still interested in signing him.  We should not be premature in thinking the Reds are out of the Baldelli chase because they signed Hairston.

What was originally speculated as Hairston starting the season as the Reds shortstop may also be premature.  According to Jocketty, Gonzalez may be ready in time for the season.  They will know more when he reports to camp.

Jocketty also said he has the feeling Baldelli would like to stay in the AL for "obvious reasons", but he was unsure what Baldelli would do.  Jocketty had spoke with Baldelli's agent earlier today.

BTW Take:

It looks like Baldelli is still on the Reds radar.  The count of teams still interested in Baldelli is back to at least four.  Two of the four are allegedly in the AL, where it is believed Baldelli would like to stay.  

Unless the field narrows more, I doubt Baldelli becomes a Pirate.  All teams interested are offering short term, incentive latent deals.  This will likely work against the Pirates unless the bonus for All-Star appearance is taken into account.  Being a named player, if Baldelli stays healthy, he would be the most logical pick for the Pirates required spot on the All-Star team.  You could call that bonus almost guaranteed money. 


Update 9:16 PM

Peter Gammons is reporting Baldelli is close to signing with the Red Sox.



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