January 13, 2009

Monroe Invited, Doug In Limbo

Keyston State Monroe-ville

The Pittsburgh Pirates and Neal Huntington lived up to one promise today.  The Pirates have Craig Keyston Monroe coming to camp on a minor league contract.  They also have agreed to a minor league deal with Miguel Perez.

BTW Take:

This lands another catcher into the fold and give the Pirates an outfielder with some pop in his bat.  Monroe is a right handed bat to offset the left handed starting outfield currently in place.  Monroe has enough speed to cover left field in PNC, but his defense is a question to me.  He also has struggled with the bat since 2007.  This is a reclamation project on a 31 year old outfielder.  Hopefully Long can get his bat back in the game.

Perez is likely more minor league roster filler.


Doug in Limbo

The Pirates site has an article up on Neal Huntington's lack of communication with Doug Mientkiewicz.

BTW Take:

Doug should be a welcome addition back to the Pirates bench.  Huntington would be a fool not to give him a call just to let him know the Pirates plans.  Better yet, make an offer.  I think Doug would really like to stay in Pittsburgh.

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