January 7, 2009

McClatchy Sells

The Pittsburgh Pirates announce Kevin McClatchy has sold his minority share of the team.

BTW Take:

This is a sad and happy day.  Kevin McClatchy saved baseball in Pittsburgh.  For that I will forever be in gratitude.  While this ends his 13 years in an ownership role, it is a shame he did not experience a winning season.  Fans may rejoice that he is no longer an owner, but that is a misguided reaction.

For all the bad baseball decisions made by McClatchy's ownership group, he brought many great things to the Pittsburgh area.  PNC Park is the crown jewel of his tenure, and a fine jewel it is. 

Best wishes Kevin, I wish you could have stuck around to see a winner.

Now on to the vacancy on the five-man board.  Where do I apply?

This is further proof of how the financial crisis is affecting baseball.  McClatchy sells.  Cubs are up for sale.  San Diego in the process of being sold.  Houston crying poor.  Tough times are ahead, I fear this is only the beginning.

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