January 13, 2009

Hall, A Tribute and Some Links

After a couple of difficult days at work Thursday and Friday, I needed a couple days to get my brain back to a semi-gelatinous form.  Thank God for Mondays....aack!  Nevertheless I am back at the keyboard to rant at BTW.


To me there are certain criteria that make a Hall Of Famer.  Statistics do not always tell the tale.  There are those players that irregardless of their stats, you know they are destined to be inducted.

They are the players that simply stand out in a crowd.  They throw no hitters like no one else.  They are Nolan Ryan.

They are the player you don't want to face with runners on base.  They are Dave Winfield and Jim Rice, congratulations.

They are players you love to hate and would walk with the bases loaded in a 2 run game because you don't want them to beat you.  They are Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez.

They are guys with nicknames that symbolize their prominence.  They are Mr. October Reggie Jackson and Big Unit Randy Johnson.

They are players you never want on base.  They are Ricky Henderson, congratulations.

They are players who symbolize the city they represent.  They are Maz, Pops, Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwynn.

They are players who can carry a team with one arm.  They are Albert Pujols.

They are players you want on your team, but hate when they play for anyone else.  They are Pete Rose and Dave Parker.

They are players who throw complete games when your team needs it the most.  They are Bert Blyleven.

They are players who have the stats and a surgery named after them.  They are Tommy John.

They are players everyone should emulate and the world would be a better place.  They are Roberto Clemente.

Why can't the writers association simply sit back and see who deserves to be there without having to look at stats to justify why not to chose them?


A Tribute:

Normally I write about the Pittsburgh Pirates, but after the third quarter Sunday, I have to write something about the Steelers.  Here is my tribute to the 17 seconds San Diego had the ball in the third quarter Sunday.  I will type this entire paragraph in the time the Steelers allowed the Chargers to have the ball:

Wow, what a quarter of football.  You will never see something like that again.

(Sorry, I type slow, that took 18 seconds and I misspelled something and had to correct it.)



For anyone who missed this, I have to thank Dejan for the link and Tom Haudricourt for the laugh.

While I was out of action, a few bad days for the Pirates happened.  The potential ace of the staff had a setback and may be out of the mix, Pearce may be the power option for the Pirates, and the heart and soul of the team relocated.

Daniel McCutchen, the other McCutchen, will have a shot at making the rotation.  I have a feeling he will do all he can to get the nod and has the talent to live up to the spot he could earn.

And sympathies go out to another Family members family, teammates and friends.  Dave Roberts passed away Friday in West Virginia.     

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