January 7, 2009

Hairston Signs With Reds, Letter Fallout, Keeping Up With The Jones

Getting Hairy

Jerry Hairston Jr. has agreed to a one year $2M contract with the Reds.

BTW Take:

The Reds signing Hairston may take them off the market for Baldelli.  Right now it is speculated the Reds will use Hairston as their starting short stop until Gonzalez is ready to return.  If the Pirates are truly interested in Baldelli, his suitors are starting to dwindle.  As long as the Red Sox are still interested, the Pirates chances are slim unless they offer significantly more than Boston.

UPDATE 1:45:

Dejan has a story up at the PBC blog covering the Pirates pursuit of Baldelli tying the Hairston signing in.  Apparently the Baldelli suitors are down to 3.


A Fans Letter

The other day Dejan Kovacevic printed a letter he was copied on from a Pirates season ticket holder who canceled his season tickets.   The letter was published in the PBC Blog on the PG site.

Today there was a follow up with links to a few blogs that sounded off on the letter.  There were also many comments from PBC Blog readers on the topic.

BTW Take:

When I read the letter, I totally understood the fans reasoning.  I didn't find anything that would cause so much debate on the post. 

One other Pirates Blog, I will not name the blog because I can't find the post now, lambasted the PG and Dejan for running the letter on the website but not in the daily paper.  I think this was a misguided comment from the blogger since the blogs run on the PG site are not printed in the daily paper, to the best of my knowledge.  Living in Iowa I do not get to see the PG too often.

Inferring that the PG is running a cover up for the Nuttings is plain and simply asinine.  The last time I checked, the Nuttings did not run the Post Gazette.  While I don't always agree with Dejan, I do appreciate his candor and would love to have a chance to sit down and talk baseball with him some day.  Maybe hit him up for a five questions interview.

A comment in the follow up did strike a nerve to me.  The quote goes as follows:

I'm not surprised the blogosphere takes a stance contrary to what that disgruntled season ticket holder said.  They're blind loyalists who need to find some reason, any reason, to follow a team which insults a reasonable person's intelligence on a daily basis.

I am not going to defend other blogger's on this.  I will say I write this blog because I am a fan.  I enjoy Pittsburgh Pirates baseball.  Living in Iowa, I do not get to talk baseball, especially Pirates, with too many other knowledgeable people in the area.  I spend my spare time reading about the Pirates, visiting The Buccos Forum and listening to games on XM radio.

I have been a Pirates fan, a Pittsburgh fan in general since birth.  I was raised in Turtle Creek.  I bleed black and gold.  I do not do this with aspirations of being a journalist, I already have a full time profession.  I do this because I am a fan.

Over the years I have gathered some local contacts that have insight to the team.  I use this as a forum to pass on information I hear or what I am thinking.  I appreciate my contacts, as they are friends who occasionally get me a scoop before the real media lands a story.

I love the Pirates.  Bottom line. 


I found the link to the other Pirates blog.   Apologies to J  for forgetting who wrote it.


Keeping up with Jones

The Dodgers have agreed with Andruw Jones on a restructuring of his contract that will allow Jones to be traded or released and the Dodgers some financial wiggle room for the coming season.

BTW Take:

If Jones is released, he will only cost the team that signs him $400K.  I only mention this because so many Pirates fans seem to think trading for Jones would be a good idea.  I don't think so, I have felt he was overrated even when he was with Atlanta.  Somehow he was considered an all world center fielder.  I never saw that through my eyes.


Coonelly Chat:

At 2:00 PM today, Pirates.com is running a chat with rank Coonelly.  You can login/register here.

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