January 7, 2009

Giles A Philly, More Market Proof


Here is a story that kind of made me chuckle.

Marcus Giles has signed a minor league deal with Philadelphia.

BTW Take:

Why does it make me laugh?  I still remember a few years back, when Brian Giles was still a Pirate, Marcus making a comment about being in a better situation than his brother.  I'd bet Marcus would love a chance to be on a MLB roster right now, even the Pirates.


More Proof The Market Favors The Pirates:

Jason Giambi is on the verge of a deal that would pay him a minimum of $5.25M with the Oakland A's.

BTW Take:

Giambi, like many other free agents this off-season, will be taking a significant pay cut.  True, Giambi is an older player.  Even last season he would have made twice what he is agreeing to this off-season. 

Hopefully the Pirates take advantage of the market and sign some "tradeable" players that can be moved at the deadline for prospects.  The Pirates won't compete for the playoffs this season, nor next, nor next, etc.  With a few proper signings, they could further boost the farm system later in the year.  The team needs some MLB talent that could land some prospects if Huntington's game plan is going to work.  They need to take a few flyers on players who could draw interest to teams in June and July.

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