December 2, 2008

An Opportunity To Spend

Just like any other Winter, the Pirates will not dip into the free agent waters looking for an above average fish. Small fish with small appetites is the Winter Black and Gold plate special.

This winter is a special case. The collapse of the worlds economy has every MLB team watching every penny.
Even the Yankee$.

With so many teams watching their spending, the Pirates have a golden chance to make a big splash by signing a high end impact free agent at a discounted price in a discount blue light special of a signing period.

Making such a move would be a gamble that the economy will rebound, but if it does not improve the Pirates ship will be sunk anyhow.

Proof of this can be found in another NL Central city Houston. Their WNBA franchise, the Comets, are being disbanded.
True, the WNBA is not as financially strong as MLB, but this is likely just the beginning of franchises folding if the economic landscape does not improve. The Comets won the first 4 WNBA titles, they were a strong franchise much like the Pirates once were.

The next league likely to lose a team or more is the NHL. Rumors run rampant more than one team is in dire straights.
If the Pirates are on the brink of collapse, one last investment may create enough buzz to have attendance surpass two million fans. That alone justifies the investment.

If nothing else, loading up on free agents signed for one year will allow one more season of development for the few prospects nearly ready for their trip to the show.

I understand it is not the prudent thing to do, but the fans deserve a team to rally behind for the first time in a decade and a half.

Even the Detroit Lions fans get an occasional break in the losing. Pittsburgh deserves a winner.

Don't expect a splash to occur. The Nutting family are too savvy of business people to take a risk of such magnitude.

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