December 28, 2008

BTW Anniversary

Today marks the 2 year anniversary of Bucs Trade Winds.  Happy Anniversary to me I guess.

I really admire Pat, Jake, Charlie and the other Pirates bloggers who can keep up the daily posts.  I know life gets in the way of blogging at times, the fact they post daily without fail is phenomenal.  I really enjoy doing this and I hope you enjoy my oddball opinions and strange humor at times.  Hopefully this year, I can make more time and keep closer to a daily post routine.


Onto the lone link of the day.  Apparently Nyger Morgan is delusional.  The Hot Stove report on the PG reports Morgan is a super volunteer attending every voluntary conditioning camp.  He thinks he has a chance to own a job with McCutchen due at any point this year and the persistent rumor of Rocco Baldelli being pursued heavily by the Pirates, as well as many other teams.

BTW Take:

Well, I guess I started my take early calling him delusional.  Morgan will be at best a fifth outfielder on this team.  His speed makes him an excellent pinch runner, but his bat makes him...Nyger. 

The interesting thing is how often Baldelli is getting mentioned with the Pirates.  This is one rumor that I actually think has some substance.  The rumor makes sense for all parties involved.  Baldelli would likely be a  short term contract so he could prove his health and get back to free agency quickly.  The Pirates will offer a short term deal and the opportunity to be traded to a contender come deadline time.  The Pirates need a right handed bat with power.

In the rest of the article: Bootcheck has the inside track to the bullpen.  Freddy is feeling great.  Solomon Torres is opening more baseball academies.  Tabata had a nice winter, with little power.  Check out the article.

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