November 16, 2008

Announcing The Buccos Forum

Thanks to Kip on this. Kipper has set up a great Pirates forum, I am rerouting all my forum traffic to the Buccos Forum. For those who might want to try my old forum, I am keeping it up and will still post and answer any questions that might be left.

I will have a stunning banner up sometime in the next couple days, as soon as Kip gets 'er done.

The best part of this coalition...gameday threads. The guys who do the posting do some great play by play forum style. If Ran would just get his butt in there, the place would be closer to complete.

What I hope to do is link to the gameday threads for anyone who wants to read along. I am testing out some code now to see if I can post the game contents here for quick reading for those who do not want to join the board but would like to read along. Hopefully this will entice some people to join and add to the community.

Here is an example of the gameday thread:

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