October 4, 2008

Good News, Congratulation and Disturbing News


My dad got out of the hospital yesterday.  Everything is fine and he is now at home.  In case anyone was wondering why I had not been posting.  Baseball was the furthest thing from my mind recently.



Nate McLouth was an unanimous winner of the Roberto Clemente Award, presented annually by the Pittsburgh chapter of the Baseball Writers Association of America to the Pirates player who best exemplifies the standard of excellence achieved by Roberto Clemente.



According to the New York Post, Nate McLouth is rumored in a deal with the Yankees.

Decision makers in The Bronx and Pittsburgh said yesterday there was nothing to the New York Yankees acquiring outfielder Nate McLouth from the Pirates - yet.

BTW Take:

If the deal happened, there would have to be a ton of talent coming to Pittsburgh.  I am not sure the Yankees have enough left in the farm system to make this deal happen, at least not enough they would be willing to part with.  Most of their best prospects are pitchers.

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