September 25, 2008

Special BDD Live Broadcast Tonight.

I am back in Iowa and trying to get caught back up at work. I should have some good posts up in the near future (tomorrow maybe tonight) recapping my trip back to Pittsburgh and everything that has happened while I was gone.

In the meantime BDD has a special broadcast tonight...

Here is the guts of an email from Eric on the special BDD Live airing tonight. You can listen through the links in the email or the player on the right navigation bar of BTW.

Birmingham, Ala. -- After what has been a whirlwind of litigation and controversy surrounding Pittsburgh's top selection in this year's draft, Pedro Alvarez is now a member of the Pirates organization. In this special presentation of BDD Live, we take a look back at all the players involved in this saga, and how a draft pick questioned the integrity of Major League Baseball. Join Eric SanInocencio as we dig through all the angles, and present different sides of a story that has unfolded at the highest levels of the game.
Scheduled guests include Pirates president Frank Coonelly, Baseball Prospectus writer Kevin Goldstein and Baseball America's Jim Callis. Along with the interviews we'll share clips from Alvarez himself, as he spoke with the media via teleconference yesterday after his contract was announced.
Coonelly joins us for a two-part segment, where he shares his thoughts on what took place pre and post signing deadline. The Pirates President, who for years worked in the league office, explains just what happened between the two camps as the final negotiations where taking place.
Goldstein will explain the legal ramifications of the grievance flied on Alvarez's behalf, and what could have happened had the deal not been reached. Goldstein's work on the issue has been in depth, and the Baseball Prospectus writer will enlighten us on some of the intricacies.
From there we look to the future, where Callis will explain where Pedro fits in from here. How does he stack up in terms of prospects in Pittsburgh? That along with a full scouting report from the amateur guru during our hour presentation.
So join us on tonight (Thursday 9/25) at 7 pm ET at to listen to the live broadcast.
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