September 2, 2008

Game 137, Boras Costs Money


(5-10, 5.77 ERA)
Game Time 7:10 EDT
XM XM 189


Wednesday at Cincinnati 7:10 RHP Ross Ohlendorf (PIRATES DEBUT) vs. RHP Edinson Volquez (16-5, 3.04 ERA) FSNP
Thursday at Cincinnati 12:35 LHP Tom Gorzelanny (6-9, 6.61 ERA) vs. RHP Josh Fogg (2-7, 7.29 ERA) NO TV

Boras Costs Money:

Simple question here.  When will draftees quit using Boras as their advisor? 

Think about it.  In Pedro Alvarez's case, he conceivably could have been in Pittsburgh sometime in 2009 IF he signed after the draft.  Rather than getting into the minors and playing as quickly as possible, he spent the summer waiting for the deadline. 

Now, rather than being arbitration eligible as soon as 2012, now the earliest he will see arbitration is 2013. 

For what he has held out for it has cost him more in the future.  He could have been entering his free agent year in 2015, now he waits until 2016 or later.  This year it would cost him a $20M contract and who knows how much that will be by 2016.  Add in being another year older and taking a year away from his career, a million now means three or more times as much six years down the road. 

Boras is potentially costing his clients a year of time and millions of dollars just so he can squeeze out a few extra pennies now in guaranteed money.

An established player it makes all the sense in the world to have the guy who can get you the big money.  Someone new to pro ball needs to play and work his way up ASAP to get to the really big payday of free agency.


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