August 16, 2008

Pedro The PR Machine

Maybe it is the cynical Pirate fan in me, after 15 years of losing who can blame me, but I am getting the feeling signing Pedro Alvarez was nothing more than Bob Nutting taking an opportunity to improve the people's opinion of him.

Every article I have seen, every interview I have heard has praised Bob Nutting for allowing the Pirates to sign Alvarez.

Yes, Nutting controls the purse strings. He has proved a knack of having the ability to pinch every penny possible.

Why now would he change his ways and allow the baseball people go after the best talent and sign him?

Nutting is a shrewd businessman. He knows his product isn't going to sell in it's current form. He knows nearly every fan blames him and his family for the trials this franchise has endured since their ownership group took control in the 90's.

A mere $6 million investment has put blinders on a majority of the fan base, for at least the short term.

One small investment has restored his public image.

This signing should not restore a fans faith in the franchise and the ownership group. It should merely show fans what should have been happening for 15 years.

Ownership has not changed nor improved. Don't be fooled by one minute before midnight on a deadline day signing. The Nutting's are still part of the worst ownership group in professional sports.

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