August 15, 2008

Last hour...

I wish I could say I have dug up something....It being 60 minutes to the deadline...

But not a peep from anyone.  My phone has been quiet.  Not a text message in sight.

Things should pick up soon...I hope.


Update 11:30:

30 Minutes and counting...nothing concrete...


Update 11:38:

Alonso (7th Overall Pick) signs with the Reds after the Reds said take it or leave it earlier in the day.  More signings should come quickly from other teams.  Hopefully including the Pirates.


Update 11:45:

No word yet....


Update 11:50:

see above...nada


Update 11:55:


"Mr. Boras line 1."

"Tell him to hold, I am on the phone with Scheppers rep."


Update Midnight:

Ut-oh.  Give it 20 minutes before giving up hope.


Update 12:02

BA's site just crashed...


Same at the PG...

Multiple posts must be happening....


Update 12:07:

Padres inked Dykstra...23rd overall


7 Unsigned..waiting on more info...


Update 12:10:

Not a peep from Pittsburgh so far...


Update 12:11

Rangers signed Smoak...6 unaccounted for.


Update 12:12

Fileds won't sign with the M's tonight.  He is a senior and can wait until the 2009 draft to sign...screwy rule there.

5 unaccounted for.


Update 12:13

Yankees failed to sign Cole.

4 Left


Update 12:17

No one at PNC is seeming happy....


Update 12:18

Giants sign Posey....

3 left.


Update 12:23

Crow does NOT sign with Nats.

2 Left


Update 12:28

Still 2 left...


Update 12:30

Sharpen pitchforks and oil the torches...


Update 12:33

I am not hearing anything yeah or nay.  Possibly they are still in touch with the commissioners office?


Update 12:36

Scheppers says no....Nothing on Pedro.


Update 12:40

KC signs to go....


Update 12:41

Alvarez signs straight $6M deal...Minor League deal.  Only 2 first rounder's not signed.  Yanks and Nats can't come up with the cash....Poor Yankees.  It must suck to be in such a small market.

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