August 15, 2008

Game 122, 16 to 16, No Ollie, Deadline Day


(10-8, 4.11 ERA)
(1-1, 1.38 ERA)
Game Time 7:05 EDT
XM XM 183

16 to 16:

Let us start the countdown...16 more losses to 16 straight years of losing.  A missed fact about the wonderful Phillies that set the record, they had 1 winning season in a 30 year period. (Hopefully I heard that stat right, I'll investigate and get the answer)

No Ollie:

In the upcoming four game series with the Mets, the will not face Oliver Perez.  Here are the expected starters:

Friday RHP MIKE PELFREY (10-8, 4.11 ERA) vs. RHP JASON DAVIS (1-1, 1.38 ERA)

Saturday RHP Pedro Martinez (3-3, 5.37 ERA) vs. LHP Zach Duke (4-10, 5.10 ERA) FSNP

Sunday LHP Johan Santana (10-7, 2.89 ERA) vs. RHP Jeff Karstens (2-1, 1.23 ERA) FSNP (HD)

Monday John Maine (10-7, 3.97 ERA) vs. LHP Paul Maholm (8-7, 3.69 ERA) NO TV

What can you expect from the Pirates in this series?  

Look for them to take a ton of pitches from the starters in an attempt to get into the woeful Mets bullpen.  If you remember the last series against the Mets, the Pirates ran up a high pitch count on Santana to chase him from the game and feast on the pen.

The Pirates are 11-9 all time in PNC against the Mets. 

The Pirates are 2-1 against the Mets this season.

Look for a series win, and possibly a sweep.  I won't say who sweeps or gets the series win...

Deadline Day:

Well, as the day rolls on, I will post anything I hear on draft deadline signings as I hear them. 

Word is, from the front desk, Scheppers is still in Pittsburgh.

Expect an Alvarez announcement around 11:59:59 PM.

There are 3 other mystery signings that could happen.  One will not be Drew Gagnon.


Sean Burnett has a nice string going.  He has allowed only 3 runs in 10.1 IP since the All-Star break.  He has a 2.16 ERA since June 19th covering 25 innings (6 earned runs).


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