August 13, 2008

Game 120, Adam LaRoche, Alvarez Talk, Scheppers Throws, J-Bay


(2-4, 7.98 ERA)
(7-7, 3.76 ERA)
Game Time 7:05 EDT
XM XM 183


Adam LaRoche:

Adam (Biggie L) LaRoche will not be joining his brother Andy (Lil L) LaRoche tonight in the Pirates lineup.  Adam will be playing one more game in Hickory.


Alvarez Talk:

A couple links on whether Alvarez will sign or not.  At the Trib they discuss Pirates-Alvarez near deadline while Sportsnet Canada snags a Beaver County Times article Sideshow aside, Alvarez will sign

BTW Take:

It is hard to disagree with Alvarez really has no leverage if he goes back to school.  I figure the Pirates will sign 3 "Targeted" players before Alvarez signs his deal.  Each player that signs, lowers what the Pirates will offer.  Even though a MLB Contract is not currently on the table, it will definitely be shelved if Alvarez waits too long to sign.  Boras is playing his usual game, nothing shocking there.  BTW Official Prediction:11:32 PM signing on Friday.


Scheppers Throws: and The Fresno Bee both report on Scheppers throwing session yesterday.

BTW Take:

Sheppers will be one of the three players to sign before Alvarez.  Huntington and Coonelly will start playing hardball at that time threatening to take the MLB contract out of the equation for Alvarez.



Over at the Bleacher Report they have an interesting piece on the Bay-Manny-Many Prospects deal just before the trade deadline.  I love the ending...


Scary Stat:

The Bucs have gone 30-24 in games decided by two runs or less this season, which includes a 19-15 record in one-run games (12-5 at home).  They went 16-22 in one-run games in 2007 and 24-31 in 2006.

BTW Take:

Imagine how bad the record would be if they continued to performed at 2007 and prior levels?  Interesting side note, only 17 1-run games in 2008 to date, 48 in 2007 and 55 in 2006.  Is that due to better offense or horrible pitching?  I guess more blowouts help lessen the 1-run game sting.  See it could be worse.


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