August 12, 2008

Game 119, Links, Alvarez, Scheppers


(13-5, 2.93 ERA)
(2-0, 0.00 ERA)
Game Time 7:05 EDT
XM XM 183


Pedro Alvarez:

While many fans fret the signing of Alvarez, there are a few things to consider. 

Boras is notorious for waiting until the last minute to get the most for his clients. 

Alvarez's family has stated Pedro will sign with the Pirates and Boras works for Pedro, not Pedro for Scott.

Why would Alvarez go back to College?  He can only move up one position in the draft and he would likely get more this year than next.  Returning to college can only hurt his draft status and risk injury. 

There are 11 other 1st round selections yet to sign.  The Pirates are not the only team in this predicament.

Tanner Scheppers:

Sheppers threw in the Bullpen about 30 pitches in front of all decision makers.  Word from local sources, the Pirates brass were very happy with what they saw.  I'd expect contract negotiations to continue through Friday and a signing likely before that time.


From Eric Saninocenio (Host of Baseball Digest Daily Live):

The link is to a podcast with Jim Callis of Baseball America.  About 20 minutes into the podcast, the interview starts.  One of the prime discussions is of Pedro Alvarez.  Callis believes the Pirates will sign him prior to the midnight deadline Friday, but he believes it will be right down to the wire.

There are quite a few other shows worth listening to, especially the trade deadline recap.

Thanks to Eric for forwarding the link to me. 


From frequent contributor Eric:

A pretty good article outlining Huntington's moves and what the future may hold.


Over at MVN they do a good rundown on the unsigned top 10 picks of the Pirates:

Also check out the latest Pittsburgh Pirates Round Table


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