August 15, 2008

Draft Signing Deadline Post

Quinton Miller:

Neal Huntington and Frank Coonelly have done an extraordinary job of signing "unsignable" draft choices this year.  Today the Pirates have come to terms with 20th round draft pick Quinton Miller, sorry Tar Heel fans.  I'll let Wibur Miller give you the details on him:

Miller is a right handed pitcher said to have a 94 MPH fastball with a good slider and average change up.  He will be 19 in November.

Official press release:

BTW Take:

This is truly a surprising signing.  Yet another excellent job by NH and FC.


Scott McGough:

Look for Pittsburgh's own Scott McGough to sign with the Pirates today.  He was their 46th round draft choice who had committed to Oregon.  he plays shortstop but also possess a 93 MPH fastball.  Needless to say good arm.  The reason for holding out until now for the signing,  The Pirates already signed 3 shortstops who were in their top 10 picks.  The late signing will allow for the earlier signees to have a chance to establish themselves and possibly be ready to advance in the system to allow for an opening.


Tanner Scheppers:

With the recent signings of Miller and Grossman to Second or First pick money, the likelihood of signing Scheppers has greatly lessened.  It is believed the Pirates are using the money set aside for Sheppers to sign additional "unsignable" picks.  Unless Scheppers accepts second round money, he will likely return to Fresno State for his senior season.


Pedro Alvarez:

It is not 11:59:59 yet.  If Scheppers, Gagnon, Gardner and Shepherd are announced at top 5 round money, don't expect Alvarez.  At least not at greatly over slot money.


Visit for information on all Pirates draftees.



Update 4:56PM:

Baltimore signs 1st round Pick,0,5410825.story

Brian Matusz 4th overall pick at $3.2M bonus.


Update 5:04 PM:

Wilbur Miller ROCKS!

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