August 5, 2008


A question from Rick:
How do you see the Bucs OF shaping up next year? With McClouth, McCutchen, Moss and Pearce, someone seems to be on the outside looking in. I'm betting Pearce gets the shaft again. What say you?

I've been thinking about that, for most of the 10 hour drive to WV.
I can see one of two things happening:
McCutchen spends another year seasoning in Indianapolis, he has been quite streaky this year.


Pearce is moved back to first. McCutchen takes over in left with Moss moving to right. I have a hunch that Huntington will try to move Adam LaRoche over the winter. He and Andy should savor their time together this season.

And one from Eric:
When is someone in this Organization going to understand NO MITT Doumit is NOT A CATCHER!!!!!!!!!

He missed 3 pitches last night & costs the Pitchers who knows how many strikes by not knowing how to catch pitches or Is incapable of doing it.

Doumit's struggles last night were more to do with Hererra crossing him up than Doumit not being able to play catcher.
One thing with Hererra, he has a ton of movement on his pitches, so much so he rarely knows where they are going. I think this movement stems from his loss of velocity since he left Cuba. If he ever regains that speed, he will regain some of his control.

Only 5 days until I head back to Iowa...Then back to normal posting with pregame vitals.
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